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Get Up To
3 Bills Paid Annually!

Experience financial stability with up to 3 bills paid annually, without the hassle of repayment.

Unlock triple the value of your monthly contribution and take the first step towards financial freedom by reducing debt and kickstarting your savings journey.

Unlock Additional Funds for Future Opportunities

Get up to 3 times your annual contribution, putting money back in your pocket for savings, investments, and more.

Start Building Your

Savings Effortlessly

With our unique bill payment savings tool, you can reallocate funding provided for relief payment towards the down payment of a new care or dream home.

Say Goodbye to Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Whether you're wanting to pay monthly student loan bills or looking to pay down existing debts, our tailored solutions empower you to achieve your financial goals.

Take Charge of Your

Financial Destiny

Our relief plans not only covers your expenses but also creates opportunities to increase long-term savings and investments, and triples your annual return.

Be Ready for Financial Obstacles That May Come

Our bill payment relief provides funds needed annually to aid in paying monthly expenses, so you can focus your money on what matters most in life.

Achieve Your Financial Dreams Stress-Free

Our relief plans empowers you to reclaim control over your finances, by increasing your disposable income, to achieve your financial goals with confidence.

Start saving differently!

Get up to 3 bills paid annually without the hassle of repayment. Put money back into your pocket and start building up your
savings today!

How it works
Plans starting at $14.99 receive up to $500 or more annually!

How to Use Your Annual Relief Payments? 

We understand the importance of financial stability. That's why we offer a straightforward and hassle-free process for accessing relief payments. Here's how it works:

  • Choose Your Plan: Select a plan based on your needs and budget.

  • Active Relief Payments: Get 1 to 3 relief payments per year, depending on your plan.

  • Submit Your Bill: When needed, submit a bill for a bill payment request.

  • Annual Limit: Qualify for relief funding up to 3X your annual deposit.

  • Hassle-Free Assistance: Most members receive relief payments of up to 3X times their annual contribution, without the burden of repayment.

Our Members
Over 800(HH)


Secure your financial future and get up to 3 bill payments annual without the burden of repayment.

Real Bills

Average Bill


Members typically receive 3X the amount of their membership contribution to cover up to 3 bills of their choice.

#1 in bill payment funding!

What bills We Pay?

We pay bills related to Housing, Auto expenses, School loans, Utilities & most Fixtures.
Rent & Mortgage
Water, Sewer, Trash
Power, Electric, Gas
Car Loan
Credit Cards
Home Repairs or Furniture
Tags & Registration
Life Insurance
Tax Arrangements
Gutter or Pluming
Computer & Electronics
Mechanical Repairs
School loans
Bills we pay

Explore Our Membership Options

Remedy Way Membership  monthly & annual subscription plans cover up to 3 bill payments annually, for the amount owed within a 30-day billing cycle starting at $14.99. 

Basic Relief Plan-Monthly
1 Bill Payment Relief Annually

Monthly (NO Annual Plan)

Remedy Way Basic Plan-Good for Car Loans and all other bills.


*Excludes Rent & Home Loans

Standard Relief Plan-Monthly
2 Bill Payment Reliefs Annually

Monthly (Annual Plan Available)

Remedy Way Standard Plan- Good for Apartment Rent & all other bills.


*Excludes Home Loans

Total Relief
3 Bill Payment Reliefs Annually

Monthly (Annual Plan Available)

Remedy Way Total Plan -Good for Home Loans & all other bills.

Membership plans are subject to qualification and 90 day community contribution.

Start your Remedy Way
Bill Pay Relief Plan to begin building a financial safety net & reduce your risk of financial insecurity! 

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