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Remedy Way's
Bill Pay Relief

This is not a Loan
We require no pay backs only membership
We do not Buy Debt
We pay 30-day billing cycle amounts due 
We do not Check Credit
We do not require credit or report credit
No Catch, Gimmicks, or Fees
Only transparent bill pay funding & membership

Remedy Way (beta) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing financial security in our households and communities. We offer various membership plans where members are provided up to three Relief Bill Payments annually. Whether it's housing, utilities, auto repairs, or other essential bills, we've got you covered for the full or partial amount within a 30-day billing cycle. We understand that life's uncertainties can strain financial resources, hindering savings and capital availability for basic necessitiesWe empower our members by providing the bill payment funding needed to relieve the stressors associated with unexpected expenses without the hassle of repayment. Having access to our Relief Payments, you can ease the burden of financial instability and redirect funds for other pressing expenses. Join Remedy Way and regain control over your financial well-being.

Referrals Program
Earn up to $25 reward for official referrals. Lean more

Our Values


Our mission is to advance financial stability by offering solutions and resources that empower individuals to manage their finances effectively.

Financial Support

We are committed to providing tangible relief to individuals and families facing financial challenges, build savings,  or increase disposable income offering relief through annual bill payments.

Diversity &

We prioritize fair and just distribution of funds, ensuring that financial support reaches those in need in a balanced and equitable manner.

Relief pay defind

What is a Relief Bill Payment?

Bill Payment Relief is a financial provision allotted to households annually to cover the expense of a 30-day billing cycle powered by RW3x Financial Management tool. Based on plan selection members have the opportunity to cover up to 3 bills fully or partially without the hassle of repayment.

What We Believe

Benefits of Bill Pay Relief
Membership Plans


Financial Security

Our plans offer 3 Relief Bill Payments, providing financial support during unexpected expenses, contributing to overall financial security.


Equipped for Unexpected Financial Challenges 

Members can choose from various subscription plans, tailoring their coverage to meet their specific needs, whether it's housing, utilities, auto repairs, or other essential bills.


Yearly Financial
Relief Boost

Members enjoy up to three relief bill payments annually, covering either the full or partial amount owed within a 30-day billing cycle.


Enjoy a Stress-Free
Financial Life

By mitigating the financial stress associated with unexpected expenses, members can focus on other pressing matters, easing the burden of financial instability.


Live a Financially
Empowered lifestyle

By having control over your financial situation, you become an active participant in your financial journey, making informed decisions that positively impact your life.


Overall Improved
Quality of Life

Financial stability leads to an improved overall quality of life. You can enjoy the benefits of your hard work without the constant worry of unexpected financial setbacks.

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Bill Pay Relief

At Remedy Way we understand that many will grapple with unexpected financial challenges and want to provide a safety-net of support for themselves in times of need. 

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