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At Remedy Way, we envision a world where we advance financial security by providing individuals and households with funding to pay bills through the 

distribution of up to 3 relief payments. 

Bills We Pay

We pay monthly bill payments for a 30-day billing cycle without the hassle of repayment!

Bills we pay

Most members receive 3X the amount of their annual membership contribution to cover up to 3 bills of their choice.

Bills we pay...

Bills related to Housing:

  • Rent or Home Loan

  • Water, Sewer, Trash 

  • Power, Electric, Gas 

  • Gutter or Pluming 

Bills related to auto:

  • Car Loan

  • Insurance

  • Mechanical repairs

  • Tags & Registration

  • Home Repairs or Furniture

Other Bills:

  • School Loans

  • Life Insurance 

  • Medical 

  • Mortuary 

  • Credit Cards 

  • Phone

  • Computer or Electronics

  • Tax arrangements 

How it works

Easy as 1  2  3 Bill Pay Approval 
                   less than 72 hours!


Let us free up your finances & pay up to 3 bills annually without the hassle of repayment. ​​

Become a Remedy Way Member!

transparent-how to become a memebr.png

Payment Approval

Process takes up to 72 hours, subject to guidelines.

Payment Amounts

Covers a bill within a 30-day billing cycle.

Bill Payment

Remedy way will pay your billing provider.

No Pay Back

Members are not required to repay the bill.


Members can cancel plans anytime.

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