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Innovative Work model:
Community Team Members

At the heart of Remedy Way operation is our our unique Community-Driven Team. The Community Team embodies a pioneering approach to service and collaboration. Operating under a remote service model, our team is composed of a dynamic and rotating staff of community members. Each member brings their individual strengths and local insights to our initiative, contributing as advisors, contractors, and volunteers.

Empowering Through Diversity and Flexibility

Our model leverages the diversity and flexibility of remote collaboration, enabling us to draw on a wide range of expertise and perspectives. This structure not only enhances our adaptability but also deepens our engagement with the communities we serve. By involving community members directly in our operations, we ensure that our initiatives are grounded in local needs and enriched by firsthand experiences.


Roles Within Our Community Team

  • Advisors: Seasoned professionals who provide strategic guidance, ensuring that our projects align with both our mission and the specific needs of the community.

  • Contractors: Skilled individuals who execute critical tasks, from technical roles to community outreach, all dedicated to advancing our goals with professionalism and passion.

  • Volunteers: The backbone of our team, volunteers bring enthusiasm and commitment, helping to drive our initiatives forward while gaining valuable experience and making meaningful contributions.


Join Our Community Team

We're always looking for more passionate individuals to join our team. Whether you have a few hours to volunteer, specific expertise to offer, or the capacity to lead a campaign, your involvement can make a real difference. By joining our Community Team, you'll be part of an innovative approach to community service—remotely engaging, supporting, and advancing financial security in communities across the nation.

Other Team Roles in Need:

  • Customer Service Call Center Support: Help us manage inquiries and provide top-notch service to the community. We need dedicated team members who can handle calls efficiently and with empathy.

  • Billing Processors: Play a key role in managing financial transactions accurately and timely. Your precision and attention to detail will ensure our operations run smoothly.

  • Social Media Ambassadors: Spread the word about our initiatives and impact. If you have a knack for engaging audiences and a passion for social media, come help us amplify our message.

  • Web Development and SEO: Enhance our online presence with your skills in web development and search engine optimization. We need tech-savvy professionals who can optimize our website for better user experience and increase our visibility in search engines.

  • Public and Press Relations: Manage our interactions with the media and public. We need experts who can craft compelling stories and build relationships with the press to enhance our visibility and credibility.

  • Campaign Managers: Lead our various campaigns, coordinating activities and resources to ensure success. Your leadership and project management skills will drive critical initiatives from planning through execution.

  • Communications and Branding Experts: Help us tell our story in a powerful and cohesive way. We're looking for creative minds to develop branding strategies and communications that resonate with our diverse audiences.

  • Computer and Software Technicians: Support our technology infrastructure by resolving technical issues and maintaining our systems. Your skills are vital for keeping our operations efficient and secure.

  • Fundraising Assistance: Assist in identifying funding opportunities and writing grant proposals. If you have experience in fundraising and know how to create persuasive proposals, your expertise can help secure the resources we need to grow.

  • Major and Corporate Donors: We are looking for substantial support to propel our initiatives forward. If you represent a corporation or are a major donor interested in making a significant impact, your contribution can transform communities.

Advancing Remedy Way Beyond Beta

As we conclude the beta testing phase, we're excited to enter a new chapter for Remedy Way, focusing on expanding our RW3x technology to better serve our members.


Enhancements on the Horizon:

  • Software Integrations and AI Capabilities: We're enhancing RW3x with cutting-edge software integrations and artificial intelligence to streamline data processing, improve financial analysis, and bill payment relief allocations and provider distributions.

  • Streamlined Billing and Equitable Funding: Upgraded technologies will refine our billing processes and ensure fair, equitable distribution of funds, making support faster and more accessible to our members.


Our Commitment: These advancements aim to deepen our impact, making financial support more efficient and equitable. We're dedicated to evolving our services to meet the needs of our community more effectively. 

Join the Journey: Your involvement is crucial as we move forward!! Together, we'll make financial stability accessible for all. Join us in shaping a future where technology empowers communities equitably.

A message from our Founder

“We invite you to join our cause and be part of a movement that is changing lives and building a future where financial stress is replaced with peace of mind. Together, let us create a world where no one has to face the challenges of financial instability alone, where support and relief are just a membership away.”  by April Griffin

Join Our Community Team:

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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