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Asked Questions

 At Remedy Way, we put our members and potential members and their needs first. We pride ourselves in being the safety net that many need when they need it most. We encourage individuals to sign up for a plan before hardship strikes. We hope to answer all your questions as you make your decision to become a member. However, if you did not see your question feel free to contact us, we look forward to serving you:

General Inquiries:‪(424) 290-0321‬

Customer Care:

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 10:00am-7:00pm CST

Closed: Saturday & Sunday

What are the General Qualifications?

The general qualifications for membership is that you must be over 18. However, the qualifications for applying are as such: member must be a legal resident, you must have a bill you need to be paid and have not used your Relief payment within the last three months, and the member who signs up for our Bill Pay Membership must be the name on the bill.


Who can apply for membership or to get a bill paid?

Any legal resident over the age of 18 can sign up for membership and apply for a bill pay request.


How do I apply to get a bill paid?

Once you have selected the Bill Pay Relief Plan that suits your needs you and have been a member for at least 3 months you can request one bill to be paid by selecting the button that says 'Pay My Bill.'


How long does the process take?

If all requested information is submitted the process goes pretty fast. It can take up to 72 hours to receive an approval response. Once approved you will receive an email notification capture billing details.


How long after my membership can I apply  to get a bill paid?

Upon signing up for your Bill Pay Protection Plan you can begin applying for bill pay assistance 90 days after the start of membership. For this reason, we encourage individuals to get the plan before they need it.


When is my monthly membership bill due?

The billing cycle is according to the date you signed up. So, the date you signed up will be the day each month that our systems will automatically withdraw your monthly membership fee. Contact customer service if you need your auto-pay date changed.


Can I request multiple bills for payment?

No, you can only use one of your Bill Payments Relief per quarter. However, in the case that your bill is denied payment, for any of the reasons stated in our terms & conditions you can re-apply for the same bill in 30 days. You are welcome to submit another bill at anytime. 


What if I don't have all the documents required can I still apply?

No, you must provide the minimum documents required to use your Relief Bill Payment. Minimum documents required: Account name, email, and billing details.


How do I make a payment for my Bill Pay Membership Plan?

Bill Pay Monthly Plans are on autopay each month on the date that the member signs up. Yearly Plans are renewed automatically every year, members will receive a notification of renewal to discontinue our services before the renewal date.


How to update my information such as email, debt card number, etc.?

When a member signs up they will have access to their own account and can log in to make changes to keep all information current.


After signing up for membership is payment guaranteed?

No, the Bill Pay Relief Plans are similar to insurance but differ in that membership does not guarantee that Remedy Way will cover 100% or a portion of the bill. Bill pay request are reviewed but Relief Payment funding is subject to qualifications and distribution limits.


Does Remedy Way pay my full debt owed?

No, if you are eligible to use your Relief Bill Payment, Remedy Way will pay i100% or a percentage of the amount due for a 30-day billing cycle, not for the total debt incurred.


What if my bill is denied payment can I apply for the same bill again?

Yes, you can apply for the same bill 30-days after receiving a notice of your payment status for that bill. However, members are welcome to request to use their Relief Bill Payment for another bill at anytime.


How will I know if my bill is approved for payment?

Upon review of a members active status and available Relief Bill Payment remaining, a notification will be sent to the member regarding the billing  request status and the amount that Remedy Way will pay.


What if the bill is not in my name that I need to pay?

Remedy Way Relief Payments are per-household bases. Our services are designed to extend financial relief to the entire household for rent and  mortgage related bills, and some general bills. However, we do make exceptions for personal bills, such as phone bills, car-related expenses, and some general bills can be managed under separate accounts.


Do I have to suffer from hardship to use my relief payment?

No, you don't have to be experiencing immediate financial hardship to use your relief payment. After the 90-day community contribution period, relief payments may be utilized at any time within the quarter, providing flexibility and support to our members whenever they need it.


How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime by signing into your account, go to My Subscription tab select Cancel Subscription. Your information will be stored for 6 months or until you delete the account by going to My Account and select  Discard to Delete your Account. However, after using your Relief Bill Payment membership auto pay will remain active for 90 days regardless of account cancelation.


NOTE: Bill Pay Fraudulent documents Submissions

In order to maintain the integrity of the bill pay program, it is important to ensure that all documents submitted by members are legitimate and accurate. If a member is found to have submitted fraudulent documents, their bill pay request will be automatically denied. This means that the member will not be able to use their Relief Bill Payments through the program for any bill and the account will be placed on hold for 90 days. 

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Bill Pay Protection

At Remedy Way we understand the challenges that come with financial hardship and the importance of having a safety net of support in times of need. 

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