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Remedy Way pays bills related to Housing, Utilities, most  Fixture & auto expenses. Learn about our bill pay membership plans.​​

Bill Pay
Relief Plans

Need help paying your bill? 
Get up to 3 bills Paid annually!

Bill Pay Protection Plan
Referrals Program
Earn $25 reward for official referrals. Lean more

Bills We Pay

You never know when bill increases or income losses will happen.

Monthly Mortgage

& Rent 

Average Bill Paid: $1,780

Monthly Car Note

Average Bill Paid: $325

Repair Bills

Average Bill Paid: $127

For all other bills we cover request membership information: ​​

Easy Bill Pay Request Process

Make Bill Pay Request Online

Make Bill Pay Request Online

Application Review Process

Agents Review & Process Bill Payment Request 

Receive Status Notice

Receive Status
Notice of Payment 

Let us free up your finances & pay up to 3 bills annually: ​​

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