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Bill Pay Sweepstakes

About Bill Pay Sweepstakes
Enter to Win up to 
$1,000  in Relief Bill Payments

About Bill Pay Sweepstakes

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The Bill Pay Sweepstake offers our members and non-members the chance to win the opportunity to have a bill for a 30-day billing cycle period paid up to the amount of $1,000. Members and non-members can earn points by taking various actions such as following our social media pages, sharing posts, signing up for a subscription, referring friends, and more.


POINTS: One point equals one name entry into the sweepstake. The more points an entrant earns, the higher the chance they have of winning the Relief Bill Payment reward. The Sweepstakes will begin at the start of each month and will feature daily posts on all of our social media platforms. Entrants will have the opportunity to earn daily points by engaging with these posts.


QUALIFICATIONS: The sweepstake is open to all members and non-members who are US Residents over the age of 18. The winner will be selected randomly at the end of the sweepstake period and notified via email. The bill payment will cover up to $1,000 of the winner's bill of a 30-day billing cycle period.

Sweepstakes ARV: $1,000
Must be a Resident of the US
Number of Winners: 1
Sweepstakes Starts: 1st week of every month
Must be age 18 or older
Sweepstake Duration: 30 Days
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Points System 

  • Enter Sweepstakes with an email: 1 point
  • Check back daily for new bonus entries
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