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Bill Pay Sweepstakes

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Tips to Improving your chances to win

To enter the sweepstakes, simply select one of the social options under "Log in using..." provided at the bottom of the sweepstake box.

SWEEPSTAKES LEVELS. Each level has a certain number of tasks that need to be completed, and when the entrant completes a certain number of tasks in that level, they receive bonus points and access to the next level. As the levels increase, the difficulty of the tasks increases, but so do the points. So keep completing tasks to move up and increase your chances of winning!

ADDITIONAL ACTION TASKS. To keep our Sweepstakes exciting and engaging for all entrants, we will be adding new actions randomly throughout the 30-day sweepstakes period. So be sure to turn on your notifications to receive updates. 

During the sweepstakes period, new tasks may be added or removed, so it's essential to complete them while you have the chance.*

to our may winner

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To collect your reward contact us using the email you entered for the contest:

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